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27 | Warrior Women of Westeros

May 21, 2019

In our last Game of Thrones episode, we first address some questions about the show’s depictions of women and sex, and focus on the Warrior Women of Westeros, including Arya Stark, Brienne of Tarth, and Yara Greyjoy.

No season 8 spoilers!

Of course, we can’t resist talking about gender roles or the show’s portrayal of gay characters, along with some male characters who grapple with the patriarchy, including Ned Stark, Ser Loras, Renly, and Theon Greyjoy.

Of course, a Game of Thrones episode will be full of twisty stories, strong women, some laughs, and connections between history and HBO. Find out what Misty almost blindly predicts for Westeros, and which character Allegra thought should have ended up on the throne.

Synonyms for nuanced: shaded, exact, subtle, fine, showing fine grades or distinctions.

Profess-Hers is a podcast written and presented by Misty, a History professor, and Allegra, an English professor, both of whom are here for having a serious, fun conversation about looking at literature, history, current events, pop culture, and media through a feminist lens.

Written by Allegra Hanna and Misty Wilson-Mehrtens. Find the Profess-Hers Podcast on Twitter and Instagram @Professhers.

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