The Profess-Hers Podcast

2 | Scream and Other Queens

October 19, 2018

What's your favorite scary movie?

In this episode, Misty and Allegra talk about the representation of women in horror movies. Are there movies that have accurate, fair or progressive representations of women? How do horror movies mirror the progress of women’s movements? We’ll also talk about common problems of female representations, films that get it right (or at least get it a little right-er) and the difference between final girls, scream queens, and damsels in distress. We also discuss the Scream movie franchise and how it gets some things right in its satirical series. Like most things from the 1990s, though, Scream represents progress and not perfection in its representation.

Profess-Hers is a podcast written and presented by Misty, a History professor, and Allegra, an English professor, both of whom are here for having a serious, fun conversation about looking at literature, history, current events, pop culture, and media through a feminist lens.

Written by Misty Wilson-Mehrtens and Allegra Hanna; produced by Austin Haynes and Scott January.