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Stories for Suffragette City | 49

November 12, 2020

In our second episode celebrating and discussing Women’s Suffrage and the 100th-anniversary of the 19th Amendments, we interview best-selling authors Fiona Davis and MJ Rose, who edited the short story collection Stories from Suffragette City. 

Their book focuses on one day in the history of women’s suffrage in the United States - October 23, 1915 - the day of the suffrage parade in New York City (about 25,000 women marched). Many of the stories include historical figures, such as Ida B. Wells, Alice Paul, and Mabel Ping-Hau Lee, who were also on our recent episode. This book, which is available as of last month, includes short stories by Fiona and MJ, as well as 10 other authors.

Fiona and MJ were also gracious enough to share with us their writing processes, and advice for writing students. 

Profess-Hers is presented by Misty, a History professor, and Allegra, an English professor, both of whom are here for having a serious, fun conversation about looking at literature, history, current events, pop culture, and media through a feminist lens.

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